What is Pushback Rack

Pushback Pallet Rack systems come in 2,3,4,5 & 6 Deep configurations and allow forklift operators to store product by loading from a single aisle. Push back rack systems work by placing pallets of product on Pushback carts. These carts , are pushed up stream in the Pushback rack lane on structural steel rails to make room for additional products. As the pallet is loaded from the forklift aisle side of the system, it pushes the pallet behind it one pallet position deeper in the pushback rack system. This process can be repeated to create up to a Six pallet position deep Pushback Rack system/ Lane. The last pallet in the flow lane will sit directly on the Pushback flow rails.

For Example, this means that a Two (2) deep system will only have one cart. The first pallet position (Closest to the aisle) will sit directly on the Pushback rails. A Three (3) deep system will only have two carts. The first position once again will sit directly on the Pushback rails. This same rule of thumb applies for all depths of Pushback systems up to Six deep.

To pick or pull specific products from a pushback rack system or lane you simply remove the front pallet by lifting slightly and backing up with the forklift . In this process all of the pallets upstream flow downhill automatically from gravity. This process allows for easy accessibility using a Last-In-First-Out (LIFO) Inventory management system.

A Pushback Rack system enables you to store much more product in your warehouse than other traditional pallet rack systems while still maintaining selectivity of your products and significantly reducing your travel aisle requirements! Pushback rack offers much more versatility when storing your product than the traditional Drive-In pallet racking. With Pushback racks each storage lane flows independently from the other products stored above or below it. Multiple pick facings can be achieved and a variety of SKU’s can be stored and retrieved without having to disturb other products above or below. With a Pushback Rack system, unlike a Drive-In Rack system, the forklift operators never have to enter the rack.

In the end, you save BIG MONEY by storing more product in less space! The Pushback rack system enables you to take advantage of the cubic feet available in your warehouse while reducing the required forklift aisle space required.


  • Better Cube utilization of our warehouse space.
  • Up to 90% more product storage than traditional selective pallet racks.
  •  Increased Selectivity over drive-In pallet racks up to 300%+.
  •  High storage density in conjunction with increased selectivity produces quicker pick rates.
  •  Color coded carts make it easier to perform visual inventories.
  •  You can store a variety of SKU’s On different level for easier product access.
  •  LIFO (Last-In-First-Out) Inventory management.