Huge Discounts on New and Used Pushback Racks!

Thousands of pallet positions of “Like – New” pushback racks in-stock in all configurations (2,3,4,5 & 6 Deep)

2-Deep Pushback Racks
3 Deep Pushback Racks
4 Deep Pushback Racks
5 Deep Pushback Racks
6 Deep Pushback Racks

Pushback Racks are ideal when you are looking to gain additional storage space for palletized products in your warehouse while still maintaining product selectivity. Pushback Rack systems allow you to store from 2 to 6 pallets deep. These systems are often placed back to back providing the user pallet storage up to 12 pallets deep. With Pushback Racks you can reduce the amount of forklift aisles that you need in your warehouse to perform your daily operations. This simply means that you can create more storage space or pallet positions in your existing facility. Pushback Racks allow you to stock and pick specific products from a single Pushback lane by utilizing a LIFO ( Last-In-First-Out) inventory Management System without disturbing other products below or above like in the traditional Drive-In Rack system. With the high price of real estate today, EVERYONE is looking to gain more storage in their existing warehouse space in an effort to avoid the high costs associated with construction and/or costly lease rates. Call us today and start to save big on your storage needs.